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February 19, 2017

Login to the settings and how to enter the router.

Configuring a modem or router is done via a web interface, which simplifies "communicationā€¯ with the sometimes capricious hardware.

You can get to the router by typing admin in the browser, that this address is so simple, everyone knows who has configured the router at least once. Login Page

However, if you simply go to the router and enter the required settings according to the instructions, then the connection to the Internet is not always established.

And it happens that in general after dialing, the computer reports that it is impossible to connect, and in such a situation, you have to postpone the instruction and turn on the logic.

We check and configure the connection to the Internet and Wi-Fi.

First you need to check, and maybe we forgot to connect a computer and a router with a twisted pair cable? Then it is clear that there is no connection and it is impossible to connect. Also, an inexperienced user can lash out the connectors: on the router you need to select one of the LAN ports, the WAN port is not suitable for this.

If everything is done correctly, the indicator on the Wireless settings that is responsible for the corresponding LAN port will light on. However, there are situations that the router setup is turned on, connected to the computer with a cable, but none of the ports come to life. In this case, everything is very sad: the problem lies in the router itself, it needs to be repaired with admin login.

Check the computer settings through Login

The properties of the network connection should be checked: get IP automatically, get the DNS server address automatically. There should not be any network addresses if something is left of the previous settings, then because of this Login Password, there can be problems with the entrance to the router. It happens that the option to "get IP automaticallyā€¯ does not work, then you have to manually fill in the addresses, but you need to do it correctly to Change Password. In particular, you should specify the address of the router in the line the main gateway and the preferred DNS server.

Also do not forget about browser settings. If a proxy server is mentioned in the local network settings, then a computer with a router will probably not be "friends." At the same time, turn off Windows Firewall: there is no special protection against it, but it can prevent it.

These are actually two main areas where you should look for the reason why the initial configuration of the router caused such problems. You can also make a mistake if Router Admin is not Login, But Default Username and Password are only details you know. But such a mistake is possible only Login Page when the user has not looked at the instructions for setting up. Yes, and sometimes the IP address is written on the router itself, you only need to study a sticker glued on the bottom or side of the device. In the same place and the password with login often specify, usually, Router Login details will be admin and admin. Follow 19216811.is for Official User Manual


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